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Tribal Law Goes HardCore

Frost-Guard, Sep 18, 09 6:51 PM.

Thats Right,Tribal Law is Taking a New Direction and entering the World of Aion.

This is a Pay Per Month Game.

Hence the Gameplay will be much more updated,well taken care of and insanely addicting.

For Details Check here

Death Takes Flight This Fall.

And The Heavens Cried...

Tribal Law Expands Again

Frost-Guard, Sep 8, 09 9:05 PM.
Due to Popular Demand and as a Way to Stay True to Our roots,Tribal Law Will be Expanding into Two Games this time around.

One Subscription based,and One Free.

We are Proud to Reveal ..

Launched roughly One Month ago,This Game is Still in Beta.

So,Strap Your Tommy Guns and Iron your Best Pinstripe Suits..

For Tonight Our Enemies Dine with the Fishes!


Details in Forums.

Second Game to Be announced.

Bloody Tears

Frost-Guard, Sep 2, 09 7:46 PM.
Posting this to Announce with Great Sadness that Tribal law will no longer OFFICIALLY be present within Bloodlines.

There are Many Reasons for this,But the most basic ones are that I can no longer Support a game so full of Botters and the fact that Perma Graving has removed all aspects of Bloodbaths from the game.

To Those that remain,We Love you Still.

Please Feel free to use the forums as you will,and continue to support each other but Its Official TL is no More within Bloodlines.

Brazen Blood Bashers Bazaii

Frost-Guard, Jul 7, 09 5:20 PM.
Tribal Law is Proud to Announce its First Ever Dual Game Contest.

Brazen Blood Bashers Bazaii

This Contest is a way to reward our Most Active and Loyal members.Those Playing Both Bloodlines and Evony will have the best shot to win.

The Prize is Our very First ever Official Tribal Law T-Shirt.

Use it to Clean those Pesky Blood Stains, As a Pillow Cover or an Oversized Kite.

Or Just Wear it..

Details can be Found ->  Click Here  <-

This Contest is Officially Over.

Top Five Players were..

5.Thorn  65,202

4.Raging 84,301

3.Veng 91,605

2.Smiley 95,828

1. Nos 139,621 *Winner*

Grats Nos!

And The World Shall Tremble..

Frost-Guard, Jun 22, 09 4:57 PM.

Conquer The Land..... Build Your Empire.... Save The Queen

                              And Rule The World.

Tribal Laws First Official Expansion into another Game. Its Free to Play if you dont count the Blood,Sweat and Tears that shall be Shed.

New Forum Sections Shall be added within a Day,Look for Guides,Strats and War Calls coming to a Bloody Monitor Close to you.

Expansion and Promotions..Oh My.

Frost-Guard, Jun 17, 09 11:40 PM.
Tribal Law Expanding

Seeking to Find New Souls to Consume our Tight Knit Family of Death and Despair will be Expanding our reach Across the Globe and into new territory.

As a Multi Tier Family we will on a regular basis be Adding New conquests of far away lands and breaking the egos of New found foes at all times.

This is Just the First of Many.

So Run....Hide...But you can never escape Our Grasp.
We Bow to No One.


On That Note,I would like to Announce Our New leader of The Bloodline Division.A Man of Mystery,Power and Intellect.None other than our Very own..


Please Feel Free to Buy him a Frothy Bloody Drink when you see him or better yet,A Blood danish.

Details on New Game Coming Soon..
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